Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wine Jukeboxes

Technology may have replaced many human fulfilled labors as well as substituted stainless steel tanks for wooden barrels in wine making. However, technology hasn't altered the wine tasting experience in any crucial ways…until now.

The wine jukebox as it is being referred to more and more is a carousel that displays and puts wine at the disposal of customers. The wine jukebox dispenses 1/2-ounce pours at the push of a button allowing consumers to try selected wines before purchasing them.

To use the carousel, you first visit the main desk, verify your age, and request a card that resembles and works like a bank debit card. To start tasting, insert the card in one of the two ports on a machine, choose the wine you want to sample, and push a button. The machine automatically debits your card with every pour.

The wine stays fresh because as a sample is dispensed, the machine automatically injects a burst of nitrogen into the bottle. The inert, food-grade gas settles like a blanket over the surface of the remaining wine, keeping oxygen out but remaining otherwise undetectable.

If you are tempted to try an obscure wine or even just one who have never tried before, the wine jukebox type selections allow you to make better decisions in wine selections.

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