Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally Something Useful To Do With Dubya Bush Speeches

An unusual product from Taiwan seems to be aimed at using speeches, bad media and (in my opinion) prejudicial unconstitutional political activities for more worthy actions. Namely wiping your ass derriere.

The 'rsstroom reader' is a bathroom gadget that prints news feeds onto your your toilet paper. By means of wireless connectivity, it features Wi-Fi Connectivity, USB 2.0, and RSS 2.0/Atom compatibility.

This reader interacts with your toilet bowl “biometrically” which basically means when you sit down this thing will weigh you. Depending on your weight, it’ll deliver the amount of paper news feed you need.

This should be a big hit for paparazzi chased celebrities, they can print up their favorite tabloid articles about themselves and dispose of them properly.

In addition, thanks technology, there will be several men who no longer have a reason to leave the bathroom.

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