Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rat Race Clock

I come across more unusual gadgets and technology than I do absolutely bizarre. When I first saw the Rat Race Clock, I believed it was powered by placing a real rat in the treadmill and hope the little guy doesn’t run out of cocaine… However, after tearing my eyes away to read the description, I was informed that the rat is mechanical…. The only hyped up on soda pop and coffee rats running around is us.

But at least we’re not alone. To drive the owner of the Rat Race Clock just a little more insane and a few steps closer to insanity, the mechanical rat begins to run his treadmill once every minute… this is sure to constantly remind the owner just how long her/she is at the office.

The wheel is connected to an complex series of 12 gears… So when the rat wheel goes around, it makes the clock’s minute hand move 1-minute forward. The timing mechanism is inside the rat so no cheating. They designed the furry rat to run just enough to move the clock exactly one minute…

Now we can watch anther gray mechanical creature scurry on its treadmill as the minutes slowly run by.

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