Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Human Hamster Ball

Have you have ever wondered what a pet hamster experiences when put in that plastic ball and set loose on the linoleum? Do you want to savor the experience for yourself? If you do, the Gigaball is for you! (Also called a Chill Out Room)

The Gigaball is a 7-foot tall
blow-up PVC honeycomb bubble for adult to clamber into and roll around inside. The original advertisements states the Gigaball is for kids aged 4 and upwards. However, if this was not made with the thoughts of adults exclusively, then I'm a banana with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

I’ve actually seen one of these in person in Santa Monica, CA at the 3rd Street Promenade which is the trendy of trendy places
to be shopping & hanging out locations. The store it was being sold at was an IKEA inspired boutique for hipsters and the ball was billed as an inflatable "chill-out” room.

I have no idea what the current
fetish for inflatable spaces is, but the niftiness wears off when you realize that it's only fun until the smell of fresh vinyl makes your head start to spin.

On the other hand, kids these days tend to have way too much energy for their own good.

If you live in a cramped up city apartment, take your gig and
your kid to the park, throw them in and let them roll around for hours. But be warned, someone is so getting rolled down a hill in one of these.

So whether you use the Gigaball to get your relax on or use it to exhaust extra energy, the
Gigball is anther useless new entertainment inspired technology that will set you back approximately $200. But if you own one everyone will want to be your friend… for at least one day at the park.

My favorite company product development story is from Crayola Crayons.

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