Friday, March 23, 2007

Unusual Search Engines

Weird and unusual technology doesn’t come in just the form of gadgets and tourist attractions. That’s what you may think of first, but weird comes in all forms. I should know, I live in Los Angeles.

Almost every day of my working life is spent researching a variety of topics. The primary of research is of course done online through search engines. When the most popular search engines don’t provide the unique results I was hoping for, I start using alternative or specialized search engines. However, until now, I had not considered searching on unusual search engines.

Gheto Search
“Use GhetoSearch to find web pages that most search engines will never show.”

No bullets needed

Wabba Dabba
“Each search (limited to 15 a day) gives you a chance at instantly winning a prize.”

Wabba is green and short. Dabba is orange and tall… I have idea how this relates to search engines.

“Omnipelagos finds the shortest paths between any two things. Example: Ashlee Simpson to Charles Darwin”

The in between paths made no sense to me but trying to figure out the relation from here to there was almost worth the short loss of life juice; almost.

Kool Torch
“The KOOLest way to Search.”

I wasn’t going to list this site, but they have an option that allows you to put in a key word and click on eBay. Sorry, after the last search engiene entry this sounded like a good idea. Never mind.

“The search engine puppy that retrieves exactly what you are searching for”

As long as it doesn’t tear up my local drive, I have no problem working with bitches.

“The most readable results on the web.”

All of the text on the website is huge hence the name BIG.

Meet Spouse
“Matrimony Portal provides a well-integrated platform for millions worldwide seeking a marriage alliance,” … and they have a search engine.

“The first age-relevant search engine”

{Confusion state stare}
After looking before their website mission declaration, I saw that this was for the age 50 and up folks.

Tall Street
“Help the little guy”

The best way to describe the site is to say you trade the results like a stock market.


I’m not quite sure how to describe Ujiko, but the search results cool looking… Something between a UFO and a Trivial Pursuit Game Card

Celebrity-branded search engines - I’m not imaginative enough to make this up…

Search with Meatloaf

Search with Andrew Dice Clay

Search with Kevin Federline

Use celebrity-branded search engines and you could wind a price. If I win Kevin, keep the prize and just give me the search results.

Good Luck Finder
“Enter 2 or more things and the Spirit of Luck will choose the one that is most lucky for you”

So I didn’t know what to put for Lucky results, so I put in Jacksonville, FL & Las Vegas, NV. I haven’t been to either city and both are on my To Do List. According to Good Luck Finder, I will find good luck in Las Vegas.

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