Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Words / Phases Based On or Inspired By Technology

Twenty new words and or phases inspired by computer users

1. Bipodding ~ The act of sharing an Ipod's headphones so that two people can listen at the same time, each using one headphone.
2. Bitcom ~ A short, sitcom-style video available over the internet.

3. Blogversation ~ interaction between blogs to create a multi level conversion.

4. Bluejacking ~ Temporarily hijacking another person's cell phone by sending it an anonymous text message using the Bluetooth wireless networking system.

5. Crackberry ~ A blackberry handheld computer, particularly one used obsessively; a person who uses such a computer obsessively

6. Knowbie ~ A knowledgeable and experienced Internet user.

7. Mososo (moh.SOH.soh) ~ Mobile social software; a program that enables you to use your mobile phone to find and interact with people near you.

8. Mouse Potato ~ A person who spends a lot of time at the computer

9. Newpeat ~ A repeat that is slightly different from the original.

10. Photolurker ~ A person who obsessively and anonymously browses strangers' photos posted to online photo~sharing sites.

11. Pyromarketing ~ a new method illustration for marketing

12. Shoefiti (shoo.FEE.tee) n. One or more pairs of shoes tied together by the laces and dangling from a powerline or other type of overhead wire. [Blend of shoe and graffiti.]

13. Social Networking Fatigue ~ Mental exhaustion and stress caused by creating and maintaining an excessive number of accounts on social networking sites.

14. Social Swarming (soh.shul SWOR.ming) ~ The rapid gathering of friends, family, or colleagues using technologies such as cell phones, pagers, and instant messaging.

15. Spim ~ Unsolicited commercial messages sent via an instant messaging system.

16. Third place ~ A place other than home or work where a person can go to relax and feel part of the community.

17. Tryvertising ~ product placement in the real world, integrating your goods and services into daily life in a relevant way, so that consumers can make up their minds based on their experience, not your messages.

18. War chalking (wohr CHAW.king) ~ Using chalk to place a special symbol on a sidewalk or other surface that indicates a nearby wireless network, especially one that offers Internet access.

19. Word Of Mouse ~ Communication via computer~based means, such as e~mail, chat rooms, or newsgroups

20. Yuck Factor ~. Revulsion or discomfort that influences a person's attitude toward a thing or idea.

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