Friday, April 6, 2007

Meet Your Dream Chick

People who know me personally know I'm a bit of a Tomboy. As with any good Tomboy, I have a variety of male friends. Every now and than as I'm hanging out with one of my male friends, the will mention that they are not able to meet any chicks. A very sad predicament indeed.

My male buddies, an alternative has been created.

Sega Toys has launched the most (disgustingly) cute toy that may have ever hit the markets. Meet your Dream Chick

A fluffy palm sized baby chick, that flaps its wings when held. The chick looks very realistic, but fortunately, lacks the capacity to peck at you when you pet it.

After your long day at work, your Dream Chick will provide you with comfort and melt your heart with the peeps it lets out as you stroke its fuzzy little head. Ahhhhhhhh

Now, you might look at this and think, “Oh, great, another stupid toy”. You’re probably right. But for someone who needs a barely legal chick to tramp around with, maybe this little guy would do the trick.

Available for around $12.90

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