Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Fish Out Of Water

Lloyd Godson is a marine biologist with a love for water adventures and the marine ecosystem. He spent 13 days underwater in a steel box called the BioSUB

The experiment was to see if it would be possible to live underwater long term and to make a point about sustainable living. Located in Australia, near the Wonga Wetlands between Albury and Howlong, Lloyd Godson used a system of solar panels combined with both plants and Like-A-Fish technology to provide his oxygen.

A pedal-powered generator was built to create the electricity to recharge his laptop for communications and entertainment, and an algae garden was established to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen for breathing.

For bathroom disposal, Godson recycled his own urine through the algae garden but his waste was disposed in airtight containers, which was than removed by divers who delivered him food and drinking water.

For entertainment, Godson watched videos on his laptop and used a wireless Internet connection to communicate with schoolchildren from around the world. And on Easter; according to media reports, an "Easter shark" swam by with an air tight basket container of chocolate eggs.

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