Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Parking For Charity

Parking Meter Collects Donations For Local Charities

Change for Charity Meter Program is a parking meter that collects donations for The Greene Community Foundation Fund. You put the money in and some of those quarters to the non-profit organization providing youth and family support in the greater Miami Valley area.

In addition, The Greene Community Foundation Fund also has Park For Perks

From the website:
The Greene has developed a parking incentive program to introduce our customers to all of the available parking in our GARAGES. Throughout the week photos will be taken of random cars parked in all levels of both garages. These photos will be posted every Friday at Guest Services. If you identify one of the vehicles as yours you will go into a drawing for $100 gift card for The Greene!

Parking Garages (FREE)

Why doesn’t Los Angeles do this!?

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